"Look", my girlfriend points
at TV screen. "This is a new
band. Russian 'East
"It's trip-hop?" "Sounds like
Our great country, in the
end, seems to throw aw ay
cheap restaurant tunes and
drunk social rock and dive
into a deep tunnel of techno.
But who's gonna be the
mediator? Perhaps them?
Boys making little girls
scream throughout the coun-
Andrey and Igor did a
Broadway musical together.
Kirill was in a model busi-
Plus serious producer
Igor Matvienko.
A: Matvienko saw me in a
fashion theater show in
Sochi. W hat are you doing
here, motherfucka, he said,
to M oscow. Quickly!
In a
week or so we were already
thinking over our project:
whot it should be about,
whot Russian pop music
P: So you started singing
songs you didn't like.
A :
I'm cynical. But I like
what I sing.
.. W ell, there is
a little problem with this
.. 'Malina'
I: I call it "mogila" [grave].
But I admit that I enjoy
singing this monstruous
piece. It's a show biz.
You've got to grow up to
sing serious songs.
Techno Summer '9 6
Every serious M oscow clubber
seems to have spent his summer
vacation in Yalta.
Rise Music cor-
poration and personally Vadim
Poliakov (LSDance club) for the first
time in the former USSR (Crimea -
actually peninsula - now belongs to
Ukraine) made possible clubbing at the
sea. Two venues similar to the Moscow
and St.Petersburg underground techno
clubs were open in Yalta this summer.
KRYM" in Yalta Shopping
Center gathered crowds of Russian ravers
'new Ukrainians" every night. People
came even from other sea resorts paying
cover of
1 .2 0 0 .0 0 0 coupons ($7 -
rather high price for Ukraine) to get there.
Tequila, W arp 4 and XTC, drinks exotic
here, were selling instantly. House was
the most popular style. It's obvious for
+ 30C .
"ARKANADA", a beach club was 20
and 3 5 0 .0 0 0 coupons by car
from Yalta. And though the cover charge
was pretty low, 7 5 0 .0 0 0 (about $4), no
buses went there so most of the time the
club remained half-empty.
St. Petersburg
When Moscow club promoters compete
inviting foreign celebrities, our friends
from St.Petersburg once again came with
the real underground smartness. MESS
MEDIA group (an alias of the well-known
River Club) with support from the Berlin
made this summer one of the best parties
"Illegal picnic" took place on a
dam between St. Petersburg and
Kronshtadt island. People danced - rain
forgotten - to the music by local DJs
Boomer, Sion, Lena Popova and DJ
Anjela with a special guest from London,
DJ Gravity Girl (STUBNITZ ship resident).
Roma 'Robinson' Gruzov, one of the
party promoters who worked on board
STUBNITZ two years ago, says:
"It was
the first visit of the real travelling sound
system to Russia. And Russia too needs
this sort of half-secret low-budget open
air raves/happenings."
Savadov And
Kharchenko want to
flood a whole city
with huge wall-size
painting. Idea of the
Innocent Invasion
project is to bring
art into the street, to
advertise style they
call "cyber baroque
with unpredictable
Vulgar? O f course.
But beautiful, isn't it?
Unlike those called
"hope of Russian
cinema" who repre-
sent Russia in differ-
ent film festivals,
these guys from St.
Petersburg are
young literally.
Script-writer Anush
Vardan and director
Michail Stoliarov
are radicals. The
film is going to be
called "Junk". The
authors are interest-
ed in the whole
concept of addic-
tion: drug addiction,
pleasures addiction,
sex addiction.
Crew's camera-man
Dmitriy Kazakov is
a fan of PTUCH
magazine. Many
film characters read
PTUCH. "Junk"
might be the first
Russian cult film for
young people. If it
comes out in time.
^DJ Compass
Vrubell is famous
in Moscow and
St. Petersburg for
his good taste in
music and pure
approach. Many
young DJs got their
first lessons listen-
ing to his skilful
sets in the
LSDance club.
His sets in
PTUCH club
where he is a
resident DJ were
always long
awaited by those
who are into real
intelligent techno.
You never know
what kind of music
he is going to play
It can be
hard, sentimental,
dramatic or ironic
but there is always
choice tracks,
quality mix and
high control over
the dancefloor in
his sets.
he started making
his own
With minimum
equipment he cre-
ates music for lis-
tening that will
soon appear on a
N Y "Shmer" label
owned by Jason
(Prototype 9 09 ).
Over a few liters
of beer in the
M oscow Treasure
Island club PTUCH
asked Compass if
he has a Muse
that inspires him.
"Yeah. I
have one.
"Beach Girls"
chewing gum with
naked girls stick-
ers. I put them on
my drum
Russian Cossack:
Super DJ Dmitry
Dmitry Brill aka Super
DJ Dmitry is the first
Russian pop-idol in the
W est. Emigrant from
Soviet Union he, with
Lady Miss Kier, co-
founded Deee-Lite, the
first group of psyche-
delic pop. They invent-
ed style where hi-fi
sound merged with
70s-inspired fluorescent
D: I was born in
Kirovograd, Ukraine.
There w as an Uranus
mine there and every-
body was always
"high" on radiation.
P: You were a fashion-
able teenager?
D: I was different even
in school.
Style was
always important for
me. Lapels of my black
market jacket were
twice as wide as my
fellows'. They expelled
me from school for
wearing jeans and
long hair.
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