Abb group or
artists is our
hope for suc-
cess of Russian
art in the West.
famous Parisian
outurier and inven-
pO livier Lapidus I
Every Saturday Moscow
gay club "Three
Monkeys" holds The
Dyke Parties, where men
are not allowed. Pay 35
thousand roubles and
you are in until 11 p.m.
Jenia Debrianskaya (pro-
moter): The first our Dyke
Party was held in
September, 1996. At
the second party we had
the female strip-tease
DJ M anana: My mother
knows that I'm a lesbian.
W ell, my more distant
relatives and my mom's
friends are ignorant
about it - she's been
confused to tell.
Nadia (face control): I'm
not a lesbo. I'm transsex-
ual. Different thing.
Nothing in common.
is taking the first steps on the way to his
great eco-humanitarian agricultural/indus-
trial program. The fabrics for his latest
haute couture collection shown in January
had been made of the vegetable- and
fruit-based fibers. The models in the show
wore dresses sewn, literally, of vanilla
and lemon, roses and carrots, oranges
and poppies, seaweed and fern.
P: Apart from haute couture, your main
business, you have done pret-a-porter.
Now you work on a men's wear collec-
tion. Are you planning to make a collec-
tion for the young people?
L: Some of my new fibers are already
used by the label Kookai. In this case,
haute couture turns into real youth fash-
ion. Democratization of haute couture,
this closed elite system, which I try to
achieve, lets my "High Art" be helpful for
the masses. Young people make me
eager for some nice happenings.
Besides, two of the group,
Tatiana Arzamasova and Lev
Evzovich, can boast a fourteen-
year-old son Gosha.
Gosha: Do you know that
PTUCH helped me to win a New
Year poster contest in my school?
PTUCH: Really? Got the first
G : No prize, sorry. But I cut old
issues of PTUCH and made a
collage. It was the best in school.
Other posters had Santa and
P: Mom and Dad give you some
money on clubbing, don't they?
How do you use it?
G : Not on drugs anyway.
P: You mean you never tried
G : No. Usually, when offered, I
just don't want them. I heard
drugs make you more sociable.
But I am sociable enough. I think
I could exclude drugs from the
number of pleasures I've been
given. Such pleasures as power,
sex, money, art etc. To get high-
er on the rest.
Lev: Gosha often comes home
and goes, This time again I did-
n't smoke pot.
DJ Sanches
His first 25-minute set DJ Sanches played
in the beginner DJ jam in October, 1995,
at the PTUCH Club.
S: M y first vinyl was a record in a young
pioneer camp with bagle call-signs I used
to play from the radio room to wake
everybody up.
P: Do you still have it?
S: No. It was this camp's property.
A few years ago, when there was just a
couple of clubs in Moscow, he would go
to the Hermitage only to make sure that in
his home collection he already had all the
records he heard there.
S: It was a huge collection. I live in a con-
stant search for harmony. And music helps
a lot. It is not the meaning of life, to find
harmony between the music and emo-
tions. But I try to reach perfection in every-
thing as well as in music presentation.
Though sometimes, when depressed, I
don't care for music. But when I'm at the
decks, it's a whole different story.
Sanches has a gentle personality. And he
plays gentle house. Though he began with
hard techno and trance, one day he dis-
covered house music. At first it was really
commercial house but it opened the doors
of Relax club for the young DJ to study the
rules of the dancefloor.
S: I was always looking for the perfect
ballance between techno and house.
P: And sficked to the happier music.
S: No, it's not happy. I don't want to
understand this. I feel, when I understand
the music, everything will collapse. It's,
probably, the only uncertainty I have in
life. I'm uncertain as to what I want to get
through the music I play. It's total improvi-
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