Polushkin Brothers (Kolia and Aleck) are well-known in the
Moscow alternative circles. Because they are twins.
Because every Polushkin fashion show is different and of
How long are you in fashion?
Long enough. About ten years. I used to be a physicist
before. A student at Moscow Institute of Physical
Engeneers. I used to wear Bermudas with woollen stock-
ings in the winter, red berret with a pompon and dyed my:;
She is 25. She played 8 leading
roles in films. She got the Grand
Prix at KinoShock Film Festival for
the role in "Baryshnya-Krestyanka"
("Young Lady/Peasant Girl"), a
film based on a classic tale by
Alexander Pushkin. She was nomi-
nated for Nica, Russian Oscar.
Lena Korikova is a young Russian
movie star. She is an optimist and
happy person.
What do you think of cloning
It would be great if there were
a lot of beautiful people. Beautiful
in flesh and soul. Whether I'd like
to have a copy of myself?.
Well, no. I'd better be the one
and only.
Had any interesting offers
No. Everybody is trying to
raise money. Meanwhile, I got an
official approval for four roles.
Classical love stories, historical
films. One in "Mu-Mu" based on
So, no money, no movies.
All movies now are about
mafia, gangsters, businessmen
girlfriends. There is no work for an
actress. So I chose classics. I'd be
happy to play a contemporary
woman in a film that will wake
everybody up. And now it seems
everyone is asleep.
hair green. Then I decided I am
kan artist, actually.
So what's up in your artistic
K : Well, recently we found pictures from our shows for the
last five years and made an exhibition in the State Duma
(Parliament). State Duma is a separated country! They have
their own groceries with very cheap prices and even their
own gangsters. First the inhabitants pretended they don't
see us. Why, they are all so conservative and nationalistic,
Red and Right-Wing. But then.
.. "Those are the legs of a
Russian woman!?" "Who are these faggots?" One profes-
sor saw a picture with the building of the State University
at the background and said it's a blasphemy.
What celebs were at the exhibition?
K : Certainly, Limonov. He and Zhirinovsky asked me a
permission to publish my photographs long ago. I'd never
give it to them.
.. But now I think, why not?
Were you happy with the exhibition?
Yes, for ^jre. W e gathered the most radical dorks in
the Duma. I nearly had a fist-fight with one of them. He
came and started to cry: "Look at these Russian faces!
They are not Russian, they are Jews!" I was shocked and
said automatically: "Let's go outside. I'll show you who is
Russian here!"
What do you think of the cloning theory?
Aleck and me share the same cells.
Sometimes we even read thoughts of each other. Are
we not clones?
Or "clowns"?
Yeah, it's funny. And if funny then it's wonderful. W e
remember our fights for oxigen and food in our mom's
womb. Ironically, we are not exactly the same.
Is it possible to express the idea of cloning through
W e hope so. Actually, I think that people who wear
resembling clothes are close internally. Let's say, your
clothes is your clone.
People are very much alike. W e share the same cul-
ture, and our tastes are alike too, that is we perceive the
world through other people's perception.
Every person is trying to find his clone and reproduce.
To be a success in the Afrjcan movie business you must begin
with Fespaco, a Pan-African Festival held in Uagadugu,
Entering the Award Presentation Ceremony you cannot avoid
a funny feeling of being in a different dimension: instead of
stretches, the car-park is full of land cruisers; dark blue tunics
serve as formal dinner-jackets and all nominees, members of
the juree and audience are black-skinned. One week in every
two years African film directors, producers and VIPs - from
Algeria to Capetown - gather in this dusty West-African town
on the edge of a desert. Participants get there on their own.
To show his last film, Joseph from Burundi travelled seven days
in a full-packed bus through a zone of military operations in
Zaire. Frank spent three days on the car roof of the Dakar-
Uagadugu railway train.
The Festival was initiated in 1969 by a group of amateur film-
makers who felt that the young African cinema needed interna-
tional presentation. Neither actual militant regime, nor many
national strikes, nor a number of coups d'etat and president
Thomas Sankara assassination could hamper the festival
becoming the most interesting cultural event on the continent.
This year 12 countries presented 17 films here. 4000 impor-
tant guests came to Uaga from Africa, Europe, North
America, Brazilia and Japan. Grand Prix was presented to
Gaston Cabore (Burkina-Faso) for the film "Buud Yam".
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