Independent label CRAMMED was founded fifteen
years ago by Marc Hollander. Its Brussels sub-label
SSR operates since 1989 with DJ Morpheus (Samy
Bimbach) as an art director. SSR publish music from
trip hop through techno to jungle.
M: In the 80's I sang with a group Minimal Compact.
W e moved from Israel to Amsterdam where we had
friends and could play clubs.
.. Now there is a number
of clubs in Israel. But what they play there is Goa
trance, bad kind of trance. And if you hear house it is
the worst house you have ever heard. Clubs are open
even on Mondays there. It's different in South Africa.
Eager to catch up with the rest of the world they make
huge raves, up to four thousand people. I was the only
guest DJ at the FREE ZONE party there. I could not
play chill-out music at the rave so I span hard techno
records like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood.
.. A local DJ who
played after me put on real industrial hardcore, so that
my music seemed just easy listening! DJ Pierre told me
that they play real hard music in Moscow. Last year I
was in Taiwan. It's the same thing there: hard trance
everywhere. It is the way it should be: electronic music
always comes like this.
trainspotting: some choose
the cheepest. Three years
ago it was the main princi-
pal: "the cheeper, the bet-
ter." Unfortunately, many sec-
ond-hand salesmen have
learned some magic words
like "soie", "flux" and
"guess". Once they spot the
word they know they put on
a surreal price. So if you find
good piece with a well-
known label, tear it off
before bargain. Some like
new clothes. You can find a
new shirt in a shop in
Roshchinsky proyezd.
Sometimes you can find new
knitwear with slashed labels.
They do it in many expensive
shops getting rid of an
unsold piece.
Daniel Hechter is a great
name. A grey jacket, wool.
Bought at a second-hand
sale at Dorogomilovsky
Baths. 30.000 rubles (about
Linen trousers from Daniel
Hechter. A shirt from Van
back Royal. Bought in a
shop in Roshch insky proyezd
for 20.000 rubles (two
Tips For A Second-
I buy my clothes in Moscow
second-hand shops.
Everyone says: you are kid-
ding. It's as simple as this:
first of all, look at the label.
There is
a few
Prague in the 90s is literally
the center of Europe. You can
easily get there from any part
of the continent by bus, by
train or hitch-hiking. You don't
have to get visa too. Just
make sure you have more
than $200. The level of
Czech democracy tends to
reach the famous Dutch stan-
dards. If you need a toke real
bad you may drop by a small
bar "Chapeau Rouge" (close
DJ Ilya
Ps You are one of the youngest DJs in
I : I'm 18 now. I started DJing when I
was 16.
Ps I remember when you just started
you immediately became a little star.
Success, female fans.
.. Did it go into
your head?
I : You are exaggerating but, yeah,
there was a period when it was hard. I
could not communicate. Maybe there
had been too much communication at
times. Now it's better. There is more
stability now. I even have a hobby. I
make airplane models with radio
remote control. It's like a real airplane,
but it's smaller, wingspan about 1.5
P : Your friend DJ Sanches once said:
"Ilya lives in his own world of loops".
W e know your love of vynil loops.
I: Well, I just like my little tricks. Often
it could- be a loop in the end of a track.
P i Yeah, you can go for a walk while
the loop plays.
I: No way! It is always played in a mix
with another record. One bar of a musi-
cal pattern makes a loop. I just add dif-
ferent effects from another record before
the main theme begins. And the loop
theme fades way.
their buds
and even
with you.
If you are
into tech-
no and house music, check
these two clubs: "Radost FX"
(Belehradska 160, Praha 2)
and "Subway" (Slovonsky
dum, Na Prikope 22, Praha
1). To buy some vynil go the
"Disco Duck" music store
(Zamecke Schody 2, Praha
1). Try "Roxy" (Dlouha 33,
Praha 1), ""Akropolis"
(Kubelikova 27, Praha 3),
"Delta" (Vlastina 887, Praha
6) and "Bunkr" (Lodecka 4,
Praha 1) when you want to
hear live acts, DJs, to see
interesting video art etc. To
find out what's up on the
experimental theatre scene
we recommend a unique
venue called "Archa" (Na
porici 26, Praha 1). In case
you have nothing at all to do
in Praha tune in to the Radio
(91.9 FM) while perusing
some magazines like "Zivel",
"Autonomie" and "Reflex".
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