Promoters from "Underwater" and "White Art", two Moscow leading
labels, work in different commercial areas.
"Underwater": Oleg Tsodikov, Alexey Goroby, Dmitry Fedorov. Each
of them came to the rave scene separately in early 90s. Now their
home is Moscow techno club "Titanic". Besides, they are working on
a huge techno project "Kazantip" (starts in August in Crimea).
P: Why "Underwater"? In memory of "Titanic"?
O : There is "underground" and there is "underwater".
D: When we started the label we were sick of what they called
"underground" in Moscow. Back then this word was strongly associat-
ed with drugs. W e wanted to be underground but not in that sense of
the word. "Titanic" is the whole thing, including barmen and cleaners.
While "Underwater" is an inspiration center, a source of ideology.
"The White Art" project was born last Fall, though its leader Vadim
had made his first "Megadance" parties in the space of MDM back
in 1994. Then "Megadance" (Vadim and partner) occupied new ter-
ritories of what is known now as "Aquatoria" club. In the end of '95
Vadim left all rights for the "Megadance" TM to his partner and
emerged as "The White Art" only in October '96. "The White Art"
builds a new club running extremely popular weekly events in "Moby
P: What are the sources of your parties' success?
V: Variety of music, first of all. Human being needs different vitamins
in his life. The same in music. Hence, two dancefloors. Then, creating
a group of dancers. The work of most professional go-go dancers in
clubs is rather poor. W e try to bring interesting collectives like Sever,
Base 2000, Black Sky - White. Their purpose is pumping energy and
showing you that any kind of music is danceable. Third component is
live musicians playing original music with local roots. Yury Balashov is
a good example of this kind of musician. Many Russian traditions are
not yet used. W e have sounds in our culture completely unknown in
the West. The music should be deep and not dark but transparent
down to the bottom.
P: Your flyers say "eyes-control". What does it mean?
V: Regular "face-control" checks what you wear. I think clothes are not
that important. Your eyes usually say more than your shoes. W e are
experienced in different kinds of "eyes-control". W e might share it
with those who wish.
O b e rm a n e k e n : Fro m
R o c k to A m b ie n t
Andrzey and Jenia began
playing alternative rock in
mid-80s. Now most of their
collègues are fat-arsed and
boring. But not these two
guys, looking handsome
and even cooler than
gig in Moscow, you
.’ (appeared in New York?
At the time we left Russia
ost musicians turned on the
commercial path. Without
good capitalist basement it
took so much energy that
could eat up the art. In the
ages old capitalist New
York we found a huge and
elaborate independent music
scene. Here we met Tim
Sweet (DJ Decent) and other
international musicians who
took part in our projects.
W e played Knitting Factory
and CBGB. In the Red Zone
disco we played the new
dance program of "acoustic
music with an acid touch",
something we are into right
now. Once there came a
guy who liked our music. He
said his doughter was a
singer. The name was Ed
Vega. Susan Vega's father.
So he took us to the studio
where we've been working
ever since.
P: When did you make a
shift to the ambient music
you produce now?
O : W e discovered what is
now called 'ambient music'
years ago. Back then, in
Moscow we listened to the
ambient pioneers like Brian
Eno, David Sylvian, Ryuichi
Sakamoto and Robert Fripp.
W IF E / G IR L -
01 is not a soldier or sailor,
neither is he a jet pilot nor
geologist. But living together
with a Dl is still not too much
easier: he lives a night life, he
is so popular with his female
fans. And he spends all the
money on records!
Lucia, Dl Deep's girlfriend.
Deep insisted on having the
interview in his presence.
L: I go everywhere he plays. I
like ambient and techno. My
favourite record is that red
one, remember? The one we
bought at Discocsid. (Deep: Ah, you mean Daft Punk?)
Diana, Dl Sanches' girlfriend.
D: I'm lucky to be a Dl's girlfriend. He tapes his mixes for me. My
Mom and Dad used to think of all Dl's as junkies. Sergey made
them change their point.
Alla, Dl Ilya's girlfriend. Ilya asked her to skip the most intimate
A: W e met on the dancefloor a year ago. I didn't know he is a DJ. I
so much wish that he begin studying in the Fall. DJ'ing is a hobby.
To feel more self-confident he must get a real profession.
N adia, DJ Fish's wife.
N : W e met five years ago in a club. After one year of living togeth-
er he married me. Two thirds of our guests did not pass the face
control at the registry office: shaven girls, green-haired boys, all
dressed in vynil and fluorescent clothes.
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