KPT: Ketamine Psychedelic
Ketamine, Ketalar, Kalipsol, Vitamine K,
Ketchup. It is being sniffed in New York
and shot in Moscow. Chemical Bros
sing "Lost In The K-Hole". Vitamin K has
become a cult hard stuff while it is not
officially considered as drug. It was an
accident that we found
Dr Eugene
home page in
W W W . He is the author of KPT,
Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy for alco-
Olya, Polina, Jeanne, Ira
Your songs are like each other.
Two songs really sound like each other:
"Only Out There" and "Flowers".
People might think you are going to
repeat yourselves over and over again and
will not buy the album.
Our style is called "Out There, Only
Why do you perform in underwear?
The less clothes you wear the easier it is to
work. W e dance hard.
Why stars like Bjork don't show much
flesh then?
W e are not stars yet.
What do your friends and relatives think
of you being so popular?
G : They criticise us like you. Underwear and
stuff. Conservative parents say: "Bras! It's a
stage or baths?"
For us it's more of a bath.
Imagine: you become real popular, super
stars and Playboy want you pictures. Naked.
O : We are ready. But in clothes.
Are you serious? Even if they promise a
fortune? How much?
O : No less than a hundred thousands.
Well, you charge more than Madonna.
If producer will tell you tomorrow: house
sucks, now we sing hard rock.
O : No, it's against the rules.
W e won't agree. W e sing what we
Véronique Leroy: Trendy Queen
Slut, maid, bitch. Ambiguous female charac-
ters from the 80s hit '97 catwalks. For five
years Véronique Leroy has been inventing
her own style and today it appears to be the
most interesting fashion. You will hardly find
a single fashion designer who has never
stolen an idea from this fragile short-haired
thirty-years-old woman.
When you entered the world of fashion
was it. different from what you expected?
Actually, no. There was nothing that spe-
cial about it. I loved to work with Azzedine
Alaia. I felt myself an assistent of the Master.
But I was not sure what I can learn from
him. Later I found that I had learned proba-
bly the main thing: understanding of female
What is a psychedelic?
A. Petrovsky s Psychological
Vocabulary says: "Psychedelics are the
chemicals that induce psychedelic
states. They can alter personality and
reconstruct the hyerarchy of values."
These altered states evoke suppressed
episodes of one's personal history,
induce complex feeling of unity with the
whole Universe, make one experience
his own symbolic death. In our therapy
it helps patients to find meaning in life,
transform their viewpoint on their own
Self and the world around, on the con-
cepts of life and death. It helps them to
widen their consciousness and make
their relationships with environment
more peaceful.
.. W e usually treat our
KPT patients individually but some spe-
cialists prefer something like psychedel-
ic marathon (10-20 patients, 18-22
hours) choosing different drugs such as
Ketamine, LSD, psylocibin, mescalin
and Ecstasy.
P : Who are your patients?
Those who suffer with neuroses,
phobias or states of apprehension and
psycho-somatic deseases. The results of
KPT are also positive with suicidal
patients. In the 60s Timothy Leary suc-
cessfully used psychedelics in his crimi-
nals rehabilitation program.
Why did you start your own business?
I had some idea of what I really want to do - as a matter of
fact, this is what I am doing now - but I didn't know the rou-
tine. I used to think there was a lot of rules you had to follow. I
even wanted to leave for New York.
.. but stayed in Paris.
What about your native Belgium?
Oh, sleeping pill.
What is Leroy's woman?
I created my first models under impression of female charac-
ters I always loved and was attracted to: consierges, cashiers,
little bit vulgar women. True, there is a kind of social aspect in
my work.
.. interest in the style of certain social groups. Still, my
clothes are exclusively optimistic. Unlike Martin Margiela I may
easily add some lilac or leopard. Though earlier my search for
a deformity was really close to his view. But, at the same time,
I was looking for the sex-appeal and optimism. I'm too self-con-
fident to be afraid of experimentation.
.. Overnight success and
loads of money this is what I fear. I make women fashion with-
out turning into the woman I dress as a male designer would
do. No taboos, no prejudice about bust and buttocks. If ever I
identify myself with the model, this is not my real self but rather
somebody I want to be.
Men's fashion?
It is not interesting. Most attempts to alter the image of a
man lead to something ridiculous and unnatural.
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