M illa Jovovich,
half-Ukrainian half-Serb model, musician, song writer and actress.
M ifil Jovovich, born December 19, 1975 in Kiev, USSR. Mother: Russian actress G alina
Loginova. Father: Serb physicist Boggi Jovovich. Moved to Los Angeles with parents in
1 9 8 0 . Models since 11 years old. W orks with the best photographers such as David
LaChapelle, Jurgen Teller, Stephan Sednaui, M ario Testino and others.
Richard Avedon shot 12-year-old M illa for a M ademoiselle cover. The staff of the m agazine
w as afraid of possible accusation of child abuse and nearly rejected the picture. W hen
eventually this issue appeared in print M illa became the youngest cover girl in the history of
,This year made M illa a real super star after she played Lilu, an alien, in Luc Besson's sci-fi
ovie "The Fifth Element".
saw "The Fifth Element" on bad pirate video tapes in June or July and most of them
the movie w as good enough to be seen again on a wide screen when it opens in
eptember. Advertisement campaign proved Besson's patriotism: it w as stressed that "The
Element" w as a French film financed by the oldest Gaumont company. (Though all dia-
are in English). Some accuse "The Fifth Element" of stupidity, boredom and of being
secondary movie. W ell, it's boredom is questionable. Stupidity? Yeah, it is stupid to
sxpect serious ideas from a children's fairy tale. "The Fifth Element" charmingly reminds you
|of all sci-fi movies at once. And if you say it's love-will-save-the-world idea is banal, you will
hear: "W hat is your suqqestion? Bruce W illis in bed with M illa Jovovich! Is it not enouqh?"
Ann Dem eulem eester
Ann Demeulemeester is not a novice in unisex fashion. She advertises doomed and round-shouldered look for about ten years. She works in her atelier in Antwerp only to
come to Baris twice a year and come back with triumph. Her clothes alw ays look "strange": sometimes assimetrical, sometimes fabric mimics the body so that you can't
tell the dressed from the naked. She often uses black leather with vel|^ flftd jp n sp aren t fabrics. Her favourites colours are black, white and beige
Ann Demeulemeester's clothes available now in M oscow boutique "flp ska".
Butyrka Prison
Butyrka, a notorious and oldest M oscow prison, w as originally^
1 7 8 4 it w as made prison and took the first prisoners: the rebel
^signed by the 18-th Century architect Kazakov to be military barracs. But in the gloomy year of
3 5 0 0 prisoners are doing time in contemporary Butyrka.
| On the Independence Day, June 12, PTUCH presented 100 0 copies of the magazine to the prison's library and made a concert for the prisoners with bands
""M arm eladovy Sisters" and "Svetliachki".
Andrey, 2 6 , in prison for a fist-fight since 1 994: "I learned to read people here. I just see who is fake."
Anonymous prisoner: "I'm a professional musician. Studied in school in Sacramento. Cam e to M oscow to study music in Concervatory. It may sound ridiculous but I
just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Disco Glowworm s
Svetliachki (The Glowworms) are produced by the famous acid-jazz
Anfisa. "Little girl Anfiska is a fan of disco." Disco is back.
Pavlov: The biggest disco hit here is "Sunny" by Boney M . Disco i s *
Paul Van Dyke in Moscow
iijM e x e y Pavlov from M D&C Pavlov. They are dancers Anna, M asha and Sergey and vocalist
Ouse can boom all night long and never make people livelier. Disco is a live house of the
Paul Van Dyke, a famous European DJ and producer from the East Berlin background, came to M oscow this summer and performed in the club Master. Van
Dyke is rather unusual character for our m agazine because you cannot call his music anything but "commercial".
3 | P: W hat can you say of the crowd in Master?
PVD: They were progressive people and I decided to mix all styles of music I had in my two record boxes. I w as happy to see their response.
P: You play so called progressive house. W hat do you think of minimal techno like Basic Channel and Studio 1
PVD: There's nothing bad in it but I don't like all this buzz. See, in minimal music there's only four elements: bass drum, hi-hat, claps and one more sound.
W hat is so "intelligent" in this?
Storm Crew of Russian Jungle
Three years ago DJ Groove and DJ Dan decided to promote, produce and spin jungle
music together and called themselves Storm Crew .
G : Dan w as alw ays into hip hop. M e too. Jungle is the same as hip hop but speedier.
Storm C rew w as born with the beginning of Radio Station 1 0 6 .8 . The first special
show on the Station w as Storm. It is a real association. W e unite people. W e are
working on our W eb page. The "N ew Level" single attached to PTUCH № 3 w as
made for those who never listened to such music. It w as also the first jungle C D in
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