Ptuch has turned three last month. The ann iversary w a s w id e ly celebrated all around
M o sco w . The O rb , G re e n Velyet, Dr. W a lk e r and Freddy Fresh w e re am ong the partici-
pants of Luzhniki Stadium electronic festival. This issue of our m ag azin e carries extensive
co verag e of the festivities - photos, interview s, reports, opinion p ie c e s .
Green Velvet
...W e w e re w aitin g for him at the arrival lounge, the plan e has lan d ed , but C a jm e re w a s -
n't on the flight. M ira cle s never hap p en , so I told myself that he's not com ing. But soon w e
found out that B rad , his friend in ch arg e of logistics, forgot to book tickets, so they cam e on
the next flight. W e strained our eyesight to locate him in the cro w d of n ew arrivals - a tall
and extravag ant b lack gu y. A nd there he w a s , looking exactly a s his pictures. Jones Curtis
w a s a lw a y s shouting som ething, or humming a tune to him self. "C a n 't b elieve I'm im
M o sco w !" (for som eone from C h ic a g o the difference betw een landing in M o sco w or on
M ars is anything but obvious). H e w a s thrilled and elated by nearly everything he sa w
around him: dirty streets, traffic jam s, polluted a ir, ab se n ce of colored people in the urban
cro w d , the chilling c o ld .
.. H e p layed like G o d . G ro w le d in the m icrophone, jum ped and
w ave d his green w ig . And finally w e heard it - I'm losing my mind - the anthem of all
freaks w o rld w id e . W e w e re shouting an d ap p lau d in g at the b ackstag e. But the au d ien ce
w a s som ew hat fro zen: no one shouted or d a n ce d . M y girlfriend tried to stir them up. "It's a
m iracle, folks, a m iracle! - she exclaim ed , - A p p lau se, folks!" And they clap p e d their
hands; they are used to doing a s they're told. But not everyone realized , w hom they just
sa w p erform ing .
The Orb
P T U C H : Yo u 're a real star. Your titles are published by the Island su perlabel. Your eccen -
tricity, your habit of giving m ock interview s about nothing - is that som e sort of self-defense?
ALEX PA TTER SO N (THE O R B ): N o p e , it's just that I'm m eg alo m an iac. By the w a y , they
don't like us too much in the U K . People look at us and sa y: W o w , you must be aw fully
rich. But in reality, I never had much m oney. N e ve r m anag ed to get rich, a lw a y s lost
m oney som ew h ere. I'm an eccentric an d an entrepreneur, I love pum ping m oney into som e-
thing totally n ew , and looking at the resulting c a k e . At the beginning, w e had our vision,
w e implem ented it, an d all w a s just fine. But in a y e a r w e sa w that there are som e ten
other bands co p ying us. Stardom is w hen you find out that you're being c o p ie d .
P T U C H : H o w did you find the other participants of our festival?
W e ca m e here with Dr W a lk e r - he's a superm an. H e's a real star in
G e rm an y. A s for the G reen Velvet, it's e a sy to p lay the m usic they p lay. But few can
ach ieve their quality of sound. The O rb - hm m m m .
.. W h e n I heard in the Airport, that w e'll
have to board the sam e bus with The O rb guys, I hated the new s. I heard they are all
P T U C H : You w ere even about to ask them, w h y they use an ab breviation of "O rb ital" for
their title.
FRED D Y: Right. But then I d iscovered that A lex is a fine lad .
Unfortunately, in Russia most
label publishers go after sp ecific
DJs, chasin g nam es, an d they
do not ca re much about m ixes,
w h ere the m usic is most impor-
tant. To correct this trend, one
must start with publishing initial
m usic sam p les, argues Raphael
of "C itad el Records". C itad e l hit
the road quite recently - in sum-
mer '9 7 . Their first series of
album s featured five DJ w orks
(San ch es, O l, Lad jak, Thibet,
Spirit) and a live recording of
the Esclavo s Del Futuro project
in M o sco w . In the next series
the ratio w a s 8 :2 , and Raphael
believes that in future original
m usic w ill p revail. "There is one
band that w e 'v e discovered all
on our o w n , - R aphael states
not without pride, - it's the
M o sco w G ro o ve Institute. They
do a mixture of a cid ja z z , hip-
hop and intelligence, with som e
touch of drum-n-bass in a d d i-
tion. W e are into all style s".
H ere's another plot
to consid er: one
M axim H ryakin, a I
private detective
(also known as
C o sm o s), is investi-
gating the mysteri-
ous death of an old
lad y, w h o se skull
w a s fractured by
unknown attackers.
S in ce he starts w o rk-
ing on the ca se ,
H ryakin finds himself
a target of som e
a rca n e assassin s,
using most intricate
scientific w e a p o n ry
to elim inate him. In
the course of his
enquiry H ryakin
penetrates an enor-
mous dungeon,
w h ere he has to
confront (and sub-
scequently destroy)
an arm y of w eird
creatures. At last,
w hen all the mon-
sters are d ealt w ith,
H ryakin is led to dis-
co ver, that they
w e re created by the
presidential chief of
staff, w h o m aster-
m inded the entire
plot. The m urdered
old lad y w a s a bio-
lo gical scientist,
w h o helped the
archvillain in his
experim ents, and
w a s later rem oved
a s a dangerous w it-
n e ss.
.. N o w all you
have to do is turn
this stuff into a
novel. And that's
w h ere you are left
to your ow n
d e vice s.
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