Every time you start a journey through
the M o sc o w su b w a y, rem em ber: it's not
us w h o are using the tube. It's the tube
that is using us. O n e thought keeps
ch asin g m e: w h a t hap pen s if a man
gets lost in the su b w ay, astray in the
endless dusty corridors, w an d erin g
am idst som e lifelong interchange p a s-
sa g e w a y . W o u ld those intelligent
robots, tirelessly m onitoring our entrance
and exit, notice that the num ber of those
w h o entered w a s greater than the num-
ber of those w h o cam e out by the fa c -
tor of one p e rso n ?.
. A s for m yself, I
m ad e it for the exit. I'm sure I d id .
2 1 .4 8 . At the "South-W estern" tube sta-
tion an enorm ous b lack m an called me:
- A re you a girl or a boy?
- I'm a c a t.
- A cat?
- W h a t's your problem , mister?
- W e ll, I thought w e could be frie n d s.
- I don't think so.
- O .K .
M a y b e his intentions w e re different from
w h a t I figured, but it seem ed to m e, that
e n g ag in g in sexual relationship with a
b lack m an in the m iddle of su b w ay
w o u ld be a m isnom er.
In a fe w d a ys the
n ew y e a r w ill arrive.
And in three years a
n ew millennium w ill
be knocking at our
door. Entering the
21 st sector of time, it
w ill becom e som e-
w h at out of fashion to
discuss the m usic w e
no w call contem po-
rary - by then it'll
becom e the m usic of
past century, in the
strictest sense of the
w o rd . Little w o n d er
that the com petition
betw een styles grow s
so intensive with the
d a y . Everyone w ants
to feel refreshed,
w hen entering the
n ew e ra . A ca d e m ic
m usic com posers push
their w a y to the front,
creating n ew m elodic
beauty. Jazzm e n are
keen at grasping new
trends in modern
m usic. Even the d e ad
rockers are fighting
hard to retain their
p la ce on the m usical
M t. O lym pus. A s a
result w e w itness an
incredible mixture
(and merger) of totally
different styles and
genres - the syndrom e
of centennial
dom . There is one
plausible cure that
might co p e with that
d isease - the electron-
ics. And w e are
im patient to guess,
w hich instruments w ill
be used in that feat of
Both arduous w orship pers and vocifer-
ous opponents of the Santa C la u s cult
ab ound on the Internet, w h ere they
cross their sw ord s, expressing different
vie w s on this unexpectedly controver-
sial fairy-tale ch aracter. C ath o lics
m aintain, that Santa C la u s (aka St
N ich o las) com es to remind good
christians of the N ativity m iracle. The
baptists d isag ree , stating that Santa
posesses all characteristic traits of a
false prophet, w h o se ultimate g oal is
to dim inish the glory of Jesus C hrist -
w h o is, and should be p erceived , as
the Real O n e . Santa claim s to be
immortal, he w e a rs red garm ents and
has w hite hair, he flies and hands out
gifts - thus usurping m any properties,
that scriptures attribute to JC Him self.
Furthermore, there are d o zens of
p ag es netw ide, w h ere San ta's very
physical existan ce is questioned.
"W ithin one d a y San ta C la u s has to
visit som e 9 2 million fam ilies, scat-
tered over the fa c e of the Earth, -
agnostics arg u e, - and he has 31
hours to com plete this m ission. It
m eans that Santa has to visit som e
8 2 2 .6 households per secon d, mov-
ing betw een houses at the a ve ra g e
sp eed of 1 0 0 0 m iles per second -
three thousand times the sp eed of
sound. C o u ld there ever be a rein-
deer w h o could keep this p a ce ? -
agnostics w o n d er.
O u r C h ic a g o correspon-
dent has met with the leg-
en d ary Paul Johnson - the
leg end ary DJ, w h o lives in
the ill-famed South Sid e
neighborhood, plays house
m usic an d is confined to a
w h e elch air due to a shoot-
ing accid e n t in 1 9 8 7 . "But
I can 't sa y the disability
bothers me m uch, - he con-
fides, - I'm alive, feeling
fine, m oving around with
e a se , I still p lay football,
b aseb all and b a sketb a ll.
.. I
am ph ysically w ell built,
and I don't feel challeng ed
in a n y w a y . A s long a s I'm
fully functional, I sim ply -
enjoy my life, an d I don't
ca re about the rest. I'm just
In the interview Paul
Johnson sp eaks about life
and m usic, fellow DJs,
friendships, projects and
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